Three Popular Variants of Utility Vehicles You Must Know

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Three Popular Variants of Utility Vehicles

Popular Variants of Utility Vehicles You Must Know

There is no match in terms of durability when we talk about utility vehicles. You can travel on various surfaces that make them acceptable to several users. A few of them are chosen for sports as well as for work or for offering certain services. However, the fuel consumption rate is higher than other vehicles, which does not lower their popularity. This blog post will look at various types of these vehicles offered by Utility vehicle manufacturers for all those who are willing to learn what these are.

Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs)

Utility Terrain Vehicles are used majorly by emergency service organizations such as fire and the police departments. They are unique from all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) as they possess longer side-by-side seating. UTVs are useful for several operations including medical exits from dangerous terrains and for missing person search.

UTVs are useful on farms as well and are ideal particularly for livestock farmers. Utility vehicle suppliers offer them attachments such as horns, bed mats, soft cabs, hood racks, and so on. An electric version is also available that can travel up to 30 miles when 100% charged.

Armored & Light Utility Vehicles

Light and armored vehicles are typically used by military organizations. They come in various models with different levels of armor for shielding against improvised explosive devices and light small arms fire.

Pentagon has outlined armor guidelines as per the Long Term Armoring Strategy. After World War II, armored and light utility vehicles have been used for convoys’ protection and they are also utilized for patrol vehicles on longer assignments.

You can use light utility vehicles for reconnaissance while they can also serve as ambulances on the battlefield if the requirement arises. There are models like two-wheel and four-wheel in production and both feature weapon inclusion. The armored vehicles use anti-tank missile launchers and heavy machine guns, whereas the light vehicles rely on cannons.

Sport Utility Vehicles

Sport utility vehicles are like station wagons with four-wheel drive. However, contrary to station wagons, they are manufactured on light truck chassis. Also, they are used majorly for towing trailers or boats and you can use them to transport passengers more than standard cars. They are offered in different sizes such as the small 3.5 liters V6 Isuzu Trooper alongside a large 5.4 liter V8 Ford Expedition.

Moreover, SUVs came into the limelight in the 1990s with every major automobile manufacturer coming up with varying models. Hybrid SUVs such as the Volkswagen Touareg, are manufactured to boost miles per gallon rating. Also, there are a few models that use diesel and electricity.

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